For prayers requests or to join the prayer line ministry, please call the parish office at (740) 282-7612. Thank you.

Please remember the sick and homebound* of our parish in your prayers:


Michael Olenick
Mary Ice
Ed Klonowski
James Kidwell
Catherine Letcher
Darrin Corrigan
John Koniski
Bernie Zapolnik


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Joann Kirk
Heather Morris
Marie Ice
Jackson Buttle
Barbara Johnson
Renee Bonner
Gary Lizotte
Tony Garman
Tom Kelly


*Call office to make changes to this list.

Please call Deacon Maedke (740-381-2115) if you are interested in assisting with visiting the homebound members of our parish. Please note: due to privacy regulations, the parish is not notified by local hospitals when parishioners are hospitalized. A family member must contact the parish.