Prayer Line

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For prayers requests or to join the prayer line ministry, please call the parish office at (740) 282-7612. Thank you.

Please remember the sick and homebound* of our parish in your prayers:

Michael Olenick
Mary Ice
Ed Klonowski
James Kidwell
Catherine Letcher
Darrin Corrigan
John Koniski
Bernie Zapolnik

Joann Kirk
Heather Morris
Marie Ice
Jackson Buttle
Barbara Johnson
Renee Bonner
Gary Lizotte
Tony Garman
Tom Kelly

*Call office to make changes to this list.

Please call Deacon Maedke (740-381-2115) if you are interested in assisting with visiting the homebound members of our parish. Please note: due to privacy regulations, the parish is not notified by local hospitals when parishioners are hospitalized. A family member must contact the parish.