Encounter is a prayer apostolate geared towards 13-25 year olds and their families. Visit our website, www.encounter-steubenville.com, for more information.

Fridays: prayer and intercession, teaching, small groups with Lectio Divina, worship and conversations.
Mondays: Bible studies
Tuesdays: Spiritual Reading course
Monthly: first Friday Adorations, mercy service, Encounter.Groups training
Occasionally: retreats, hikes, trips, and parties

Our Catholic spirituality seeks not to exclude but to embrace the whole truth revealed by God to mankind. Therefore we are both traditional and charismatic. Embracing the mystical and charismatic experience of the Catholic Church, we are searching for God who wisely reveals Himself in ways of His choosing. He graciously makes Himself accessible to human hearts that yearn for freedom and love. Reaching deeply into the well of Catholic prayer, we dive into the Liturgy of the Hours, Lectio Divina and Adoration with the same zeal as to Bible studies, praise and worship, and spontaneous, creative expressions of faith empowered by the Holy Spirit present in us and in our midst. Acknowledging humbly the supernatural presence of I AM WHO I AM, we recognize the charisms of the Holy Spirit working among us and encourage the pursuit of charisms for the good of the whole Body. We reject stereotyping people’s encounters with God by labeling them with this or that ‘category’ of spirituality. We embrace insightful, biblical and doctrinal explanations and descriptions of God’s activity for the purpose of understanding God’s ways with better clarity and for preparing hearts to meet God. Deep and spiritual relationships formed during discipleship process are fundamental in our growth.

Questions? Contact Iwona and Keith Major at majorchange@gmail.com.

Visit our website, www.encounter-steubenville.com, for more information.


GS: High School Youth Group

GS (Gioventù Studentesca) is open to all High School students and is a parish youth group. We are part of an international group of students who seek to understand how to live the particulars of our faith within all the various aspects of daily life.

Mrs. Suzanne Lewis and some of the GS Youth. For more information, please contact Suzanne at (740) 282-2995, or gs.ohiovalley@gmail.com
Mrs. Suzanne Lewis and some of the GS Youth. For more information, please contact Suzanne at (740) 424-6382, or gs.ohiovalley@gmail.com

Throughout the school year, we go on hikes, attend classical music concerts, help to organize the largest Catholic cultural festival in Pittsburgh, travel to New York City, do charitable work together with the TOR Sisters, watch films, and study together.

GS meets at 5PM-6:15pm on Sunday evenings in the Marian Room at Holy Rosary and on Tuesday afternoons at 3:30pm at Mary, Seat of Wisdom homeschool academy (36 Villa Dr., Steubenville – in Sacred Heart Villa). High school students should only choose one weekly meeting.  In addition to our regular weekly meetings on either Sunday evenings or Tuesday afternoons, we meet for Study Table on Thursdays at Mary, Seat of Wisdom from 11;30am-1:30pm (bring your own homework and see how beautiful it is to share in your vocation as students).

GS began in the friendship that sprang up among Fr. Luigi Giussani and a group of students in the Berchet high school in Milan, Italy; now, fifty years later, that friendship has spread throughout the world to 70 countries, including the United States, where GS groups exist in numerous cities and towns.  Our weekly meetings involve prayer, song, the reading and discussion of texts by Fr. Giussani, the viewing and discussion of movies and other cultural activities, and charitable work.



Catechetical Program for Children

Religious Education For Children Not
Attending Catholic School

To register your children please follow the link to:


Please pray for our catechetical program in the City of Steubenville.