Parish Council: Mrs. Mary Jo Yanda, President, 740-282-4153

Parish Historian: Mrs. Nancy Givens, 740-424-3674

Altar Servers Coordinator: Dr. Steve Hildebrand, 740-283-2893

Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers Coordinator: Mr. Pete Polimeni, 740-283-1401

Maintenance and Grounds Coordinator: Bob Handzus

Altar Flowers and Candles: Mrs. Mary Jo Yanda

Catholic Women’s Club (CWC): Mrs. Beatrice Antol, (304-723-1850), President

St. Francis Society: Mr. and Mrs. Paul Welsch, 740-282-8624

Knights of Columbus: Grand Knight Marshall Myers, 740-282-8222

St. Peter Website Coordinator: Christen, christen@ridgefieldgroup.com

St. Peter Church Choir: Mr. Andrew Barnick (choir master and organist), 805-268-1505

Bereavement Ministry: Mrs. Fiona Ruminski, 740-275-8754

Adoration Chapel Coordinator: Mrs. Kathy Bender, 740-544-6446


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St. Peter Church Restoration Committee, Coordinator: Mrs. Mary Jo Yanda, 740-282-4153

GS High School Group: Mrs. Suzanne Lewis, 740-424-6382

Natural Family Planning : Steve and Ann Craig, 740-457-9663, www.NFPandmore.org.

Una Voce: Dr. Michael Sirilla, 740-282-4813, www.unavocesteubenville.com

Volunteer church cleaning crews: Mrs. Joanne Boyle, 740-284-2845

Steubenville Catechetical Programbarbara@catholicfaithformation.org or www.catholicfaithformation.org

The Rosary Makers: collect Rosaries, and Rosary parts, for the missions. Please bring such items to the office.

St. Peter Ministry to the Homebound: Deacon Maedke, 740-381-2115

Donut Sunday Coordinators: the John Bergsma family (740-282-2915) for the 10 a.m. Mass, and the Shawn Dougherty family (740-537-5178) for the 8 a.m. Mass[/one_half]