A Gift for Our Priests, July Update

Dear fellow parishioners,

I am writing to solicit your financial assistance in developing a small green space between the school building and the rectory for our parish priests. A close look at the spot does reveal unused space, a decent sized area with a roof (potential spot for outdoor furniture), and an access point from within the first floor of the building. I have gathered interested persons willing to assist in the planning: Fr. Jonas Shell, Dr. Steve Hildebrand, and Mrs. Mary Jo Yanda. We are asking for donations for the green space, though we do not, as yet, have a total figure of its cost.

However, we do not want people to feel obligated to contribute as this is an “extra” sort of project, and we do not wish to place any undue burden on our fellow parishioners, but simply wish to open the potential of giving to the entire parish community. We will keep records of incoming funds, receipts of monies spent, etc. We will do any work with the least amount of expense possible, though we do wish the end result to be beautiful and timeless, something that will last for generations, and rightly fit into the aesthetics of the historical North End neighborhood and church campus.

If you are interested in giving, you may send your gift to the church office. If you have any questions, I am in the office on Thursdays, or can be reached at: 740-266-7003. I would be happy to speak with you regarding the project. Thank you for considering a donation, and God bless.

Update, 7/11: thank you for your pledges to this project, and to those who have volunteered to assist with the physical labor, it is appreciated. We will be in contact with you. Thank you!

Mrs. John (Susan) Fischer

Committee: Fr. Jonas Shell, Mrs. Mary Jo Yanda, Dr. Steve Hildebrand